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The Vets Unleashed

Feb 28, 2020

Join Mike and Scott in Vegas as they attend and talk about CE (Continuing Education).

Todays cocktail is called The Professor. To find recipes featured on the show visit Facebook and Instagram @TheVetsUnleashed.

Feb 21, 2020

Mike and Scott dive into vaccination facts and beliefs. What are the actual risks and what do they give their own pets?

Today's cocktail is the Irish Cure. For all recipes featured on the podcast visit Instagram and Facebook @TheVetsUnleashed

Feb 14, 2020

Mike and Scott drag some skeletons out of the closet for their discussion about love and vet med. 

The cocktail of the week is Strangelove. For recipes featured on these episodes visit Instagram and Facebook @TheVetsUnleashed

Feb 7, 2020

Mike and Scott talk about good communication with clients and tricks they've picked up in their careers.

The cocktail of the week is the What's Up Doc. All recipes can be found on Facebook and Instagram @TheVetsUnleashed.